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We were the children of the 1950s and John F. Kennedy’s young stalwarts of the early 1960s. He told the world that Americans would “pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship” in the defense of freedom. We were the down payment on that costly contract, but the man who signed it was not there when we fulfilled his promise. John F. Kennedy waited for us on a hill in Arlington National Cemetery, and in time we came by the thousands to fill those slopes with our white marble markers and to ask on the murmur of the wind if that was truly the future he had envisioned for us.

We were Soldiers Once ... and Young
by Lt. Gen. Harold G. Moore, USA (Ret.)
and Joseph L. Galloway


Winter, 2017

Tuesdays & Thursdays 5:00 to 6:15

Girvetz Hall Room 1004

Tentative Class Schedule

(subject to change without notice)

Tu  Jan  5  Introduction

Th  Jan  7  Prof. Hecht - Vietnam, Vietnam

Tu  Jan 12  Wilson Hubbell - Part 1

Th  Jan 14  Wilson Hubbell - Part 2

Tu  Jan 19  Jim Nolan - The War

Th  Jan 21  Jim Nolan - Coming home and PTSD

Tu  Jan 26  Michael Moore - part 1

Th  Jan 28  Michael Moore - part 2

Tu    Feb     2    Mid-Term Exam - bring bluebook

Th  Feb  4  Mike Frizzell - USMC

Tu  Feb  9  Rich Lindekens - Medivac Pilot

Th  Feb 11  Valentine’s Day Class

Tu  Feb 16  Rep. Lois Capps - part 1

Th  Feb 18  Poetry of John Muir - Vet

Tu  Feb 23  Joe McClain - Iraq vet

Th  Feb 25  Aaron Barruga - Afghan Vet

Tu  Mar  1  Robert “Bobby” Selner

Th  Mar  3  Dr. Sharon Rapp - Combat PTSD

Tu    Mar     8    Journal Assignment due at beginning of class

                          Wilson - return to Vietnam

Th  Mar 10  Pro. Hecht - “The Telling”

We  Mar 16  7:30-10:30 - FINAL EXAM

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